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The Beazley Sharpe team consists principally of railway engineers and railway designers with many years experience in the development and supervision of civil engineering and trackwork scheme and detailed design and installation. These skills were gained both in National Railway offices and consultants’ offices in the UK and abroad.  The team has contributed technical presentations and papers on permanent way matters.

Our team provides technical and operational support, based upon its collective experience within multi-disciplinary rail and light rail project teams. These include:

Our team has extensive track geometry and gauging experience. This combined with an excellent knowledge of railway standards, (for example Network Rail, CTRL, UIC and DLR) and requirements of railway design has enabled our staff to produce manuals to assist in checking our own and our clients’ work.

Our team has long term experience in railway construction and maintenance, including contract management, pre-contract constructability and health & safety reviews, environmental assessments (for public and local authority liaison) and the introduction of new construction technologies. We have developed Contractors Safety Cases, undertaken Planning Supervisor duties, have expertise in data transfer management, have developed asset management systems, including administrative procedures, asset transfer and we have experienced in developing the whole life costing of railway structures.

Beazley Sharpe is a Bentley Select user enabling it to call upon MicroStation and products such as InRail and MXRail. Our staff includes those with an expert knowledge of these products as well as their administration and configuration.

Our team has prepared checking lists and applications in desktop computer package to assist in the assessment of permanent way layouts and their mathematics. These are further used to provide the rigorous but fundamental document control facilities required for the timely delivery of a project.

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